Jordan River Valley Camp, Israel

The Jordan River Village is part of Paul Newman’s network of “Hole in the Wall Gang” year-round recreational villages for children suffering from life-threatening diseases, including cancer, juvenile diabetes, and neurological disorders. At the camp, children participate in a wide range of activities specifically adapted for their medical conditions and limitations, including sports, horseback riding, archery, drama, music, arts and crafts, cooking, woodwork, swimming, kite building, and an "adventure park".

The children are under constant supervision, with one counselor assigned to every two campers, attending to their needs during the day and sleeping in the same room at night, and with specially-trained staff overseeing each of the daily activities. Staff doctors and nurses, as well as many volunteer medical personnel, provide the necessary medical supervision. (All state hospitals in Israel have agreed to allow their staff to volunteer in the Village while continuing to pay their salaries.)

The camp opened its doors in 2011, operating at half-capacity until the end of the year, allowing time for the facilities and operations to be tested and for any necessary adjustments or improvements to be made. Once the village begins operating at full capacity, it will accommodate 96 children per session for 30 weeks a year, serving almost 3,000 children annually.

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