Yad Sarah, Israel

Over the past 35 years, Yad Sarah has become the largest voluntary organization in Israel, providing a wide range of free or nominal-cost services for sick, disabled, and elderly people and their families. Approximately 500,000 individuals benefit directly from Yad Sarah’s work each year, and it is estimated that one of every two Israeli families has received some form of help from them.

Yad Sarah’s main services include lending medical equipment; organizing transportation and operating day care and drop-in centers for the disabled and elderly; educating disabled people about choosing the assistive devices most suited to their needs; providing minimum-charge dental care for the elderly; and operating a panic alarm system for the elderly, monitored 24 hours a day.

The organization estimates that they save the Israeli economy over $400 million in hospitalization and medical costs annually. Yad Sarah is also increasingly playing a role internationally, for example, by responding to humanitarian crises in the aftermath of earthquakes in Turkey, India and Serbia; establishing dozens of medical equipment lending branches in a variety of foreign countries; and, recently, setting up a medical equipment repair and maintenance shop in Angola.

To learn more please visit the project website: www.yadsarah.org.

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