Please be aware of a scam involving false emails and false LinkedIn or Facebook contact requests claiming to be from Mrs. Lily Safra and/or the Edmond J. Safra Foundation. Some of these fraudulent messages ask for help with a “humanitarian project” and request personal information. The messages include a fake email address for Mrs. Safra or the Foundation. If you have received such a communication, it is strongly suggested that you do not respond to it.

The fraud has been reported to the authorities. Should you have received such contact requests and messages, we would be grateful if you would send us a brief message on this contact form, informing us of the email address(es) used to contact you and describing any documents you received.

The Edmond J. Safra Foundation

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The Edmond J. Safra Foundation regrets that it cannot accept unsolicited grant requests. For press inquiries, please download our Press Kit. For all other inquiries, please use this form.